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The book, the tours and now… the blog!

Welcome to Eat Portugal!

eat_portugal_AFFirst it was a book.

Then it was a book and guided eating tours of Lisbon…

Now it is a book, guided eating tours AND a blog!

The second edition of the Eat Portugal (Lua de Papel, 2015) will be available shortly, check back here for details, or follow us on twitter or facebook

Find out about Célia’s Food Tours here. The tours are great fun and a really good introduction to Portuguese cookery and to the beautiful city of Lisbon.

As for the blog, well, there’s so much to be enjoyed about Portuguese food, so we’ll be writing/photographing/filming/cooking up a storm in here too, as often as we can.

So, stay tuned, visit regularly, book your flights, see what delicious things we have to share with you from the beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, crazy city of Lisbon.

Volte sempre!