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“Exploring Lisbon’s blooming foodie scene with Celia should be on every visitor’s list.”
Annie Fitzsimmons, Intelligent Travel, National Geographic

“Portuguese feast: humor filled Eat Portugal tour leads visitors to Lisbon’s greatest tastes” 101 Reasons To Travel Now, National Geographic

“A good value, informative and tasty” Rick Steves, Portugal Guidebook

“She knows Portugal’s food scene inside out, and shows us the best spots for 10am cherry brandy, 12pm wine and a mid-afternoon port. Don’t fret, though, you eat enough of the city’s delicacies to soak it all up.”
Hannah Summers, Escapism Magazine

“Taste of Lisbon: classic dishes and culinary surprises on a foodie tour”
Isabel Choat, The Guardian

“By far our favorite experience of five days in Lisbon was our tour with Célia. What a delight to spend a long afternoon with a local who is a true expert on cuisine”
Heidi Yorkshire, food writer, Portland, USA

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